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Responsible gun ownership requires that you know how to use your firearm properly. Safe handling techniques are of primary importance and should be the first priority of every gun owner. If your skills are rusty or you're brand-new to the handling of firearms, consider registering for a concealed carry class.

Our classes are designed to teach you the basics of gun ownership. We'll teach you about storing, handling and shooting your gun safely. We'll also acquaint you with the laws surrounding gun ownership and legal carry in Texas.

Call us to secure your spot in an upcoming class. We look forward to seeing you.

Texas Online License To Carry Class Information and Enrollment with Chris Reitsma

3 good reasons to get your concealed carry permit

Have you been considering purchasing a gun? Have you thought about getting your concealed carry permit?

By getting your license to carry, you can:

  1. Be prepared to protect yourself from threats.
  2. Exercise your 2nd amendment rights.
  3. Participate in shooting competitions.
If you'd like to get your permit, give us a shout to find out more about our classes. We'll be glad to answer any questions.